Déjà vu all over again

Mel's Back Home in Lake Forest Park

Mel is home after a long visit to Earl’s Garage. It was great to pick him up with Claire. Tim had Mel in the back garage when we arrived. To my surprise and great satisfaction, their mechanic (also named Doug), repaired the fallen driver’s side window with what looks like new lining so now I can roll it up and down with no hassles. They also fixed the driver’s side door latch which had worn loose after so many years. First they tried to tighten it up but eventually they rewelded the latching mechanism so it shuts much more easily. Nice touches and much appreciated. Oh, and the rear right taillight is now working. I learned that you need 6 volt bulbs for a 6 volt operating system. They also adjusted the carb so it has a nice idle and runs well in gear.

Claire and I rode home with no major events and it looks like most of the leaking is done. I took him out several times last Saturday and everything is running well. I also drove over to Les Scwab and got an estimate for new tires. The rims are tube rims (not tubeless as is the standards nowadays) but they were able to find a tire and tube arrangement in a radial that would work out fine.  I may try to figure out a way to paint the rims while the tires are off if Les Schwab gives me the time to do so. Or maybe buy the tires and have Earl’s keep Mel while I do so and pay them to mount and balance the tires. It should make a great difference in the ride and will be much more comforting since the old tires are showing a lot of cracking on the sidewalls.  I think we will take the old tires out to the cabin at Herron Island and use them for steps on the pathway down to the beach.

Our house no longer smells like a garage and we are much relieved to have Mel back under cover.  I’ll take him out next weekend. Hopefully Susan will get her inaugural ride with no major events!  It is great to have Mel back in running condition.

Once the weather gets better (officially July 5th in western Washington), I will begin cleaning underneath and the interior in earnest. We will look into getting the interior refinished at some point as well.

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2 Responses to Déjà vu all over again

  1. Larry Brown says:

    Bravo…you’ve done a lot since I saw you. Are you still scraping the ice off of Susan’s windshield? L.

    • 55truck says:

      Hi there, it is a miracle whenever I start it up. Claire went for a ride the other day and asked, with a small bit of trepidation, “Dad, do the brakes work?” as we headed down a relatively steep street with a stop sign at the end. I turned to her and said, with a somewhat high degree of certainty and a smile, “Let’s hope so.”

      We have been spared the ice plaguing the country; everything went south and east so we are in clear and cool sun! … for now.


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