Spring 2014

New heater control valve - courtesy of Earl's Garage

New heater control valve – courtesy of Earl’s Garage

Ah, spring – the trees are treeing, the birds are birding. It’s a perfect time to put in a rebuilt heater core! It’s been some time but it’s nice to look back and see the improvements over the last couple years:

* New heater control valve – now the truck has adjustable heat – I kept the old valve but it needs to be rebuilt

* Rebuilt heater core – no more leaks and wafting antifreeze steam in the cab

* Drained and refilled radiator

* New oil and filter as well as new oil in the oil bath air filter

Cleaner engine up topside

Cleaner engine up topside

* Terry and I did a car clinic on Mel last year and put in a new fuel gauge meter – now I can see how far I can really go

Overall, Mel is purring along. 7,000 miles since his last major rebuild in 1963 and ’65. The receipts are a hoot.Mel Receipts, Mel 1965 Rebuild. Thanks Aunt Bernie for saving these.

Next up: fuel tank swap out and interior! Worth noting that people really like the patina, many urging me to not change anything. Some have even gone so far as to recommend clear coating the exterior altogether. Your thoughts?

IMG_1260 IMG_1264

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